Marmion House

Marmion House, a campus Eco-house at Saint John's University.

Marmion Location

Marmion is located north of campus behind New Flynntown Apartments.

Marmion House is an on-campus residence home to 6 SJU students each academic year. It is located on the north side of campus in Flynntown, just behind the New Flynntown Apparments. It has driveway access connected to the Flynntown lot just off of Fruit Farm Road.

Eco-House StatusEdit

Marmion became an "eco friendly" living space in August, 2011 when a group of SJU seniors wanted to incorporate sustainable living practices into a college residence.

Members of the eco-house sign a contract with the university's housing department, including:

  • 2 sustainable outreach programs each semester
  • a house breakdown of sustainable efforts at the end of the academic year
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